Douro Vinhateiro – A land of fine wines

by alrou on January 16, 2011

The Douro Vinhateiro is an area of approximately 26’000 hectares (64’250 acres) in the Douro Valley in Portugal, which has been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2001.

It is sheltered by mountain ranges from coastal influence, making the soil appropriate for wines of very good quality.

This region is centered around the Douro River, and has been producing wines for over 2000 years.  Its main product, Vinho do Porto (“Port wine”), has been world famous for its quality since the 18th century. This extended tradition of growing grape vines has produced a cultural landscape of unique beauty that reflects its social, economic and technological evolution.

The images included in the video below were obtained from 3 councils, Mesão Frio, Peso da Régua and Santa Maria de Penaguião, although the Region of Douro Vinhateiro comprises more than 30 councils.

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