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by alrou on June 27, 2010

We are facing hard times indeed.  I just did a search on Google for the expression facing hard times and I got 11.2 million results at the time of writing.

While there are numerous reasons for people to despair, from the financial meltdown in unsuspected countries like Dubai and Iceland, to natural catastrophes like the earthquake that recently ravaged Haiti with a death toll of almost a quarter million lives, we all seem to be constantly pounded by the negativism and discouragement that all these news, delivered in real time, seem to produce in our moods.

Local newspapers, magazines and TV stations seem to follow the international gloominess trend and give major coverage to bad news.

By contrast while all this somber outlook is taking place, on the Portuguese arena other brighter and optimistic situations are also occurring: the ex-Central Banker, Vitor Constâncio won the coveted European Central Bank’s vice presidency back in February 2010, or the solar power plant in Amareleja  (Alentejo region) which has the highest photovoltaic power to date in the world, inaugurated in the end of 2008 and producing 46 megawatts in an area equivalent to 250 soccer stadiums, at a cost of 260 million euros.

Naturally, these isolated facts don’t cause the impact that a catastrophic event does, but a steady flow of positive news may, on the other hand, bring back some hope and oblige us to always look on the bright side of life

 (well, maybe in not such extreme situations, but despair is not the answer).

The purpose of blog is to put into evidence the best that Portugal has to offer. There is much more to be known about Portugal, not just sunny beaches and good food, but in areas as diverse as business, services, products and to promote what may still be relatively unknown and undiscovered to the demanding international audience.

Come with me to discover an antidote to crisis and see what the western tip of Europe has to offer.

  • Ellie Walsh

    Yes – I will always look on the bright side of life! ;~) – You have peeked my interest in Portugal and I have now put it on my list of “places to visit”
    Thank You….

  • Alrouiller

    Hi Ellie,
    It will be a pleasure to see you here! Thanks for the interest shown.

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