Papo d’Anjo – Business success Made in Portugal

by alrou on November 7, 2010

Article removed, since the company Papo d’Anjo, a business success at the time of the article (November 7, 2010) filed for bankruptcy.

The news about the bankruptcy of the company (in Portuguese) can be found here

  • Nuno Macedo

    To the journalist: you should have done a better job ate looking at the financials behind this brand. It just filed for bankruptcy, leaving more than 4 millon euros in debts unpaid!! The other son of Patrick Monteiro de Barros, also led a bussiness into bankruptcy fleeing Portugal and going to the UK, leaving tens of millons unpaid…this is the best in portugal?!  No!! This is shallow newscasting, pumping up a brand of a celebrity…at best, but never a entrepeneur! This type of bussiness hurts the economy, because know good suppliers are going to have financial problems…and they are not to blame…

  • http://// BestInPortugal

    At the time of the post (November 7, 2010), the company was in expansion mode with no visible signs that it would close its doors over a year later. I chose to remove the post for respect for the suppliers and for the families of the workers of the company who lost their jobs.  As for the “shallow newscasting”, the article was reproduced under authorization from the newspaper “Sol”, a reputable publication in Portugal. Anyhow, I would like to thank you for giving me notice of the bankruptcy, so that I could make the necessary changes in my post.

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