50 Greatest Portuguese Wines

by alrou on November 21, 2010

Portugal is known for its fine wines and is currently producing some of the best-value and very exciting available wines. The wines from Portugal are full of history, supported by the fact that their trade exists since the early 18th century.  

The Vineyards in Portugal vary in their climatic conditions and the soil types, hence leading to distinct grape varieties. This enables a different taste to the wine from each region. Two of the most famous and renown Portuguese wines are the Porto Wine and the Vinho Verde. There are also other well-known and appreciated varieties from the regions of Minho, Trás-os-Montes, Dão, Beira, Douro, Tejo, Ribatejo, Setúbal,  Alentejo and Algarve.  

I would like introduce the top picks of wines released by two highly respected wine connoisseurs and hosted by ViniPortugal, the most representative organization of Portuguese wine producers. The two members of the panel that selected the 50 greatest wines are reputable journalists specialized in wines, Englishman Charles Metcalfe and the Brazilian Marcelo Copello.  

Marcelo Copello, Francisco Borba(president of ViniPortugal) and Charles Metcalfe

According to the president of ViniPortugal, Francisco Borba, this initiative has the purpose of showing the consumer the multiplicity of grape varieties, the excellence and diversity of wines made in Portugal. For Charles Metcalfe, Portugal is rediscovering the richness of their terroir. He further adds that the country has a new generation of winemakers, young and qualified, that emphasize the rich heritage of native grapes. Wines from the Douro and Alentejo regions continue to prevail among the 50 best, but wines from other eight regions are represented as well. Of the 50 chosen wines, 36 are red, 11 white, 2 are sweet and one is a sparkling wine.  

 This selection of 50 wines was catered for the Brazilian public, but taking into account all the effort put by these specialists to select 50 wines after tasting more than 3.000 wines from 10 different regions in a journey of over 2000 kilometers made during  various trips to Portugal (four by Marcelo Copello and five by Charles Metcalfe), they surely will appeal to an International audience, not only restricted to this Latin American leader.  

Without further ado, the winners of the greatest Portuguese wines chosen for the Brazilian market are:  

The 50 Best Wines of Portugal 

Wine Vintage Winery Type Region
Quinta de Gomariz Grande
2009 Quinta de Gomariz White Vinho Verde
Abandonado 2007 Domingos Alves de
Red Douro
Auru 2007 Quinta do Portal Red Douro
Duas Quintas Reserva
2007 Adriano Ramos Pinto Red Douro
Duorum Reserva Vinhas
2007 Duorum Red Douro
Passadouro Reserva 2007 Quinta do Passadouro Red Douro
Pintas 2008 Wine & Soul Tinto Douro
Poeira 2008 Jorge Nobre Moreira Red Douro
Quinta da Foz 2007 PV Wines Red Douro
Quinta da Padrela Grande
2007 Quinta da Padrela Red Douro
Quinta do Noval 2007 Quinta do Noval Red Douro
Quinta do Vale Meão 2007 Quinta do Vale Meão Red Douro
Quinta do Vesúvio 2007 Smyington’s Quinta do
Red Douro
Redoma Reserva 2008 Nieport White Douro
Referência 2008 Quinta Nova de N.
Senhora do Carmo
Red Douro
Secret Spot Moscatel NV Secret Sport Sweet/
Vinho Maria Teresa 2007 Quinta do Crasto Red Douro
VZ 2008 Quinta Vale D.Maria White Douro
Quinta das Bageiras
2004 Quinta das Bageiras  White Bairrada
Quinta do Ribeirinho
Pé Franco
2008 Luis Pato Red Bairrada
Sidónio de Sousa Garrafeira 2005 Sidónio de Sousa  Red Bairrada
Carrocel 2007 Quinta da Pellada Red Dão
Four C 2008 Dão Sul White Dão
Quinta da Fallorca Garrafeira
old wines
2004 Quinta Vale das
Red Dão
Quinta dos Carvalhais
2008 Sogrape Vinhos White Dão
Quinta dos Roques Reserva 2007 Quinta dos Roques Red Dão
Quinta da Foz de Arouce 2009 Conde de Foz de Arouce White Beiras
Ex Aequo 2006 Quinta do Monte d’Oiro Red Lisboa
Senhor d’Adraga 2007 Baron Bruemmer Red Lisboa
“D” 2008 Vale D’Algares White Tejo
Tributo 2008 Rui Reguinga Red Tejo
Reserva 2007 Companhia das Lezírias Red Tejo
Dona Maria Reserva 2005 Dona Maria Vinhos Red Alentejo
Dúvida 2005 António Saramago Red Alentejo
Malhadinha Matilde 2007 Herdade da Malhadinha
Red Alentejo
Mouchão Tonel 3-4 2005 Herdade do Mouchão Red Alentejo
Pêra-Manca 2007 Fundação Eugénio de
Red Alentejo
Quinta do Mouro Rótulo
2007 Quinta do Mouro Red Alentejo
Touriga Nacional 2007 Esporão Tinto Alentejo
Vinea Julieta Talhão 24 2006 Paulo Laureano Red Alentejo
Vinhas da Ira 2006 Herdade da Mingorra Red Alentejo

Best Value

Wine Vintage Winery Type Region
Afros Vinhão 2009 Afros Red Vinho Verde
Quinta do Ameal Loureiro 2009 Quinta do Ameal White Vinho Verde
Muxagat 2008 Muxagat Vinhos White Douro
3b Brut Nature 2008 Filipa Pato Sparkling Beiras
Quinta dos Currais Colheita
2008 Quinta dos Currais White Beira Interior
Fundanus Prestige 2005 Adega Cooperativa do
Red Beira Interior
Marquesa de Alorna Reserva 2009 Quinta da Alorna White Tejo
Moscatel de Setúbal 2004 Bacalhôa Vinhos de
Península de
Sexy Tinto 2008 Fita Preta Red Alentejo

Download the chart 50 Best Wines of Portugal 

 Image credits: ViniPortugal.pt


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