Portuguese Music – Song of the Sea

by alrou on July 5, 2010

I want to share a song that is an example of how traditional Fado music can blend with contemporary styles and create exquisite and harmonious music.

The song, authored by Frederico de Brito and Ferrer Trindade is called Canção do Mar (Song of the Sea) and was first sung by the great dame of Fado, Amália Rodrigues in 1955, becoming one of the great successes in Portuguese music.

Canção do Mar was interpreted by various international performers, and one version that I find particularly melodious is performed by the Portuguese song writer and singer, Dulce Pontes.

Lyrics’ translation:
I was dancing on my little boat
There on the cruel sea
And the sea was crying out to me
Telling me that I stole
The incomparable light
Of your beautiful eyes
Come and prove that the sea is right
Come here and see my heart dancing
If I’II go dancing on my little boat
I won’t go to the cruel sea
I’II tell her that I was singing, smiling, dancing, living and dreaming of you.

  • Griffin

    This is fabulous! Thank you for sharing some of the rich culture of a great and diverse country. Looking forward to more.

  • Alrouiller

    Hi Griffin,
    I'm glad that you liked it! Dulce Pontes has a really powerful voice. She is presently doing concerts in Europe (Italy and Spain), so that more people can appreciate her talent.

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