Sao Pedro procession in Torre Penalva

by alrou on July 19, 2010

Normally you have to drive around to find small town events, read the local signboards, write it in your agenda and be available when the date comes. Never mind other appointments that occur in between and, in most of the cases, coincide with the date and hour that you had assigned for going to the event.

But when you happen to be out for the weekend and a procession with a small but well-tuned band passes right in front of your door, than you have no other excuses but to watch, film and enjoy the show.

What you will see here is a procession in Torre Penalva, a 300 inhabitant town, in the outskirts of Cartaxo, a wine producing region about 90kms Northeast of Lisbon. The people from Torre Penalva and also from Vila Nova de São Pedro, which is the neighbouring town that has it’s name in honor of São Pedro (Saint Peter, the Apostle) take the lead with the band following behind and livening the procession.

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