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by alrou on May 12, 2013

Portugal is one the travel destinations where every person can enjoy a wide variety of experiences that can never be encountered anywhere else. Because Portugal has a rich history that was shaped by European and Mediterranean influences, people visiting this country can witness a diverse and exciting mix of various cultures and lifestyles. Portugal has been known as a country that became a major player in the naval exploration age of the 1500′s, and its influence on its colonies still lives on. Especially in Brazil where 195 million people speak Portuguese, the customs brought about by the colonizers are still being practiced and passed on to succeeding generations. As a matter of fact, Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world.

Albufeira beach

Portugal has a lot of scenery and cultural landmarks that offer breathtaking sights and truly unique experiences to all that visit this country. Portugal truly is one of the few places in the world where one can experience both the old and the new. From hidden coves to castles to cathedrals, people can have a feel of the rich Roman, Spanish and Muslim influence, and have a glimpse of remnants of the Expedition Age.

The Alentejo is Portugal’s premier rural landscape with spectacular grass plains and corn fields intermixed with extended oaks and pines. Lingering within the plains are little villages that appear as whitewashed houses. Further down, in the Algarve, the town of Albufeira offers hidden coves with far-stretching sandy white beaches that is perfect for enjoyable walks, sunbathing and watersports. The apartments located alongside the coasts have terraces overlooking the sea.

 Across the Atlantic, people can witness the majestic Azores: a group of nine volcanic islands with stunning green landscape that sets the relaxed island attitude. The central island clusters of Graciosa, Faial and Pico are lined with sulphur caverns and tunnels.

Madeira Island

In terms of nature blessed islands, you can visit Madeira – a little island that comes as the ultimate Portuguese retreat, with its rustic scenery. Here you can experience beaches, exotic villages, and cliff tops that entrance tourists and locals alike. 

And finally we have Lisbon , the capital city, overlooks the Rio Tejo and treats tourists with its Gothic and Manueline style cathedrals, Moorish castles and outlandish museums. Here you can have the best pasteis de nata (custard-filled pastry) in the Belém tourist quarter.

Parque Eduardo VII in Lisbon

Portugal’s laws are very much accommodating for tourists, and these laws even encourage foreign workers to stay and be part of Portugal’s workforce. In addition, citizens of European Union countries can still avail many of their country’s state benefits even if they work in Portugal. If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, you can still claim your working tax credits while working in Portugal. Should you decide to work in this country, the Tax Credit Office or working tax credits contact may still process your credits as if you’re still residing in the UK. However, the UK citizen must satisfy the following conditions before he qualifies for any working tax credit:

  • He must be an “ordinarily resident” of the UK before he was posted to work in Portugal.
  • He had a series of postings abroad, with no breaks in between jobs.
  • He was in the UK before he was posted in Portugal, and that the reason why he was in the UK was related to his job posting.

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